What are the different types of Aggregate?

What are the different types of Aggregate?


A Guide to the different types of Aggregates and their uses

Based in the Vale of Evesham, we offer an extensive range of aggregates and muck shifting services to the construction industry throughout Worcestershire, Warwickshire & Gloucestershire while also reaching into parts of Herefordshire and Oxfordshire. We currently operate 17 8-Wheel tipper lorries, supplying crushed aggregates, sand, gravel, topsoil and road planings to name a few and each vehicle is capable of carrying 19 to 20 Tonnes per load.

Aggregates are materials that mankind have been using in construction for over 5000 years. Today, we use them in all stages of road, pathway and forestry track formation as well as land drainage installation, landscaping and underground pipe and cable protection. It is also used to top off our driveways at home and for decorative purposes when improving our gardens. 

All Aggregates come in a variety of different gradings and textures each boasting their own unique characteristics for different uses and jobs.

There are a many different aggregates to consider, lets have a look at the different types and how you could best use them in your next project!


Gravels, Shingles and Pipe Beddings are used for many applications such as protecting underground pipes, forming land drains and decorating driveways and footpaths. Typically produced to grades 10-4mm, 14-6mm, 20-10mm and 40-20mm.

-  Shingles and Pea Gravels are smooth, rounded, tough wearing materials formed naturally within river beds, streams and sand pit quarries.

-  Pipe Bedding material/Crushed Stone Gravel is a man-made version of Gravel which has angular edges and is crushed down to the correct grade from larger rocks.

-  Self Binding Gravel is a mixture of gravel dust, gravel particles, sand and clay fines that binds itself to create a multi-purpose pathway.

Worcestershire Pea Gravel / Shingle / Pipe Bedding - Aggregate


Sand comes in a range of different colours and grades and can be used for an abundance of purposes.  It is incredibly versatile within the construction industry. 

There are different types of sand available:

-  Sharp Sand - 0-4mm - Used for block paving and slab laying.

-  Building Sand – 0-2mm - Used for laying bricks and dense blocks.

-  Concrete Sand – 0-4mm - Used for block paving and mixing with cement to create screed.

-  Fill Sand – 0-8mm – Used for general void fill.

-  Cable Sand – 0-4mm – Used for underground cable and pipe surround.

Worcestershire Sharp Sand - Aggregate



Topsoil is the upper layer of soil (Usually between 2-8 inches in depth) that contains most of the grounds nutrients,  ideal for flower beds, growing plots and lawn areas that are being seeded.

- General purpose Screened Topsoil is used for standard landscaping purposes

- NHBC Approved Horticultural Topsoil is the ideal material for people wanting their plants and lawns to grow and thrive. Tested to BS3882 which ensures it contains all nutrients required in the correct concentrations.

Worcestershire BS3882 Top Soil - Aggregate



Quarried 6F5 is a basic general hardcore material, produced and graded from primary rock and typically graded to either 80mm or 100mm to dust. It is often used as a capping layer which is laid and compacted over natural clays before MOT Type 1 and Asphalt is placed. It can also be used for track formation in forests and farmyards.

Recycled 6F2 / 6F5 /Crushed Concrete is produced from Crushed Concrete and is mostly made up of recycled material that has been collected from demolished sites or left over from construction projects.

Both quarried and recycled options are ideal for trench fills, back fills, over site fills and as a capping sub-base for deeper areas over 150mm.

Worcestershire Quarried 6F5 - Aggregate


TYPE 1 MOT (Ministry of Transport)

Type 1 is an approved granular sub-base material that meets the needs of the standards of the Ministry of Transport in terms of it's strength, size and composition.

It can be used for trench fills, backfills, over site fills or as a sub-base for pathways, driveways and patios but is more commonly used as the compacted sub-base layer between 6F5 and the tarmac layers that cover it during road construction.

Being situated on the edge of The Cotswolds and not far from the M5, we have 3 x different Type 1 options to offer our customers, all of which are fully certified to Clause 803:

-  Quarried Hardstone MOT Type 1 – Used for adopted road formation and for applications where the material is left exposed to the elements.

-  Quarried Cotswold MOT Type 1 – A cost efficient, although softer option for road formation/over-site and patios where the material will be covered shortly after placement.

-  Enviro-blend 50/50 – Quarried hardstone Type 1 mixed 50/50 with a sustainable mid-weight manufactured aggregate which is suitable for most applications.

Worcestershire Type 1 MOT - Aggregate



Angular crushed rock versions are also used to form permeable hard standing areas where conventional drainage methods are not applicable. These products are produced from Carboniferous limestone to ensure durability and are available in 3 x Grades:

- 63-10mm Clean (Base)

- 20-4mm Clean (Mid levels)

- 6-2mm (Laying and jointing grade)

Worcestershire Permeable Aggregate



Ballast is concrete without any cement content. It is produced from either a sand and gravel mix or can be produced and graded from a crushed rock product. Typically graded 0-20mm although 0-10mm versions are available. Ballast is used for mixing with cement and water to form concrete.

Different types of Ballast include:

- Quarried 0-20mm Ballast

- Quarried 0-10mm Ballast

- Recycled 0-20mm Ballast

- Recycled 0-10mm Ballast

Worcestershire Ballast - Aggregate


Loose Aggregates from our Worcestershire Yard

For smaller projects Scotts plant offer loose aggregates from our yard in Evesham, we generally stock:

-  Ballast

-  Road Planings

-  Red Building Sand

-  Sharp Sand

-  40mm Down

-  MOT Type 1 Roadstone

Loose Aggregates Worcestershire Yard

No appointment necessary, our friendly team are always happy to assist you with loading and making sure you leave with the right product.

If you want to check stock before visiting us, please just give us a call on 01386 442288.


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